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a taste of real fruit

Fresh, Healthy, Affordable & Halaal


“Orchard Bounty Factory Shop” is a company that originated from the need to distribute a line of fruit juice concentrates, mango atchar and fruit flavored sweets, that is manufactured by Cape Fruit Processors, across South Africa.  While we strive to serve the two worlds of Retail and Wholesale, at the best prices,  our services include sales to general public, wholesalers and the “bakkie” market.  Orchard Bounty, is proudly South African.


We pride ourselves in selling the best products, striving for service excellence and customer satisfaction.


About our juices:

We offer the following ranges of juice concentrates:

20% – 50% – Concentrates

100%- Concentrates

Delite – Concentrates


Our juices are beautifully packed in 1lt and 5lt bottles, we keep our products in boxes of 9 x 1lt or 2 x 5lt.  They are dated on the manufacturing date and for traceability, they are given batch numbers.  They taste fresh and fruity!


Our mango atchar is of the fairest quality and taste, as the pip is removed, the fruit are dice-cut and the best ingredients are used to create great taste of “the good old day recipe”.  Our atchar is so good that it comes in a can, to keep the freshness and chunky-crunch locked in.  It is well presented and packed in three sizes 825g, 3kg and 4,3kg, for the hungry to the “not-so hungry”.  Many who have tasted it, comes back for more…


The fruity sweets are made to perfection, it leaves a feel of wanting more and never getting enough.  Our sweets comes in small cubes, big cubes and fruity wheels, from single flavors to rainbow colors of mixed cubes.  A must try for every customer!!